..."Evans has been one of the city’s most consistent, and consistently underrated, visual artists of the past few decades." Doug Harvey, Los Angeles Magazine, April 25, 2013

  ..."Evans still finds time to produce beautiful stains.LA Weekly January 11-17,  2008

..."Artists seeking inspiration from the waters of Venice Beach" ... David Ng, LA Times. April 17, 2008 

..."these sculptures take her enterprise into a transcendent new realm." Michael Duncan, Art in America, March

      2007 (Dangerous Curve)

 "One of L.A.'s most consistently inventive abstract artists"... Michael Duncan, LA Weekly,

      October 28-November 3, 2005

"One of the most fearless and original painters working in LA" ... Michael Darling, Fresh Paint, LA Weekly

      January 29-February 4, 1999

 ..."the L.A. artist in possession of an unusual poetic resonance"... William Wilson, LATimes, Tuesday,

      April 22, 1997

..."Animated by a sense of play"...  Michael Duncan, Art in America, October, 1997

..."a great LA secret... disarming, comic, and genuine"...  Benjamin Weissman, Artforum, September 1994

..."poke fun at the mysterious, highbrow opacity of much abstract painting"...  David Greene, Art Issues,

      November/December 1992

..."Their hand-crafted feel gives them a sort of "aw shucks" humility"...  David Pagel, LATimes, Thursday,

      September 10,1992

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Art and water beyond watercolors, David Ng, Los Angeles Times 2008

Nancy Evans at Dangerous Curve, Michael Duncan,  Art in America March 2007

Nancy Evans, Michael Duncan, LA Weekly 2005

Fresh Paint, Michael Darling, LA Weekly 1999

'Clip Ons' Collection Attaches Itself to Wonders of Nature, William Wilson, Los Angeles Times 1997

Nancy Evans at Otis College of Art & Design, Michael Duncan, Art in America 1997

Nancy Evans, Sue Spaid Fine Art, Benjamin Weissman, Artforum, 1994

Nancy Evans, Sue Spaid Fine Art, David A. Greene, Art Issues 1992

Ruffles and Tassels at LACE 1987